Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My YouTube Debut! 
I'm the dork in the foreground with the pizza shirt and the fiddle.

That's Eamonn Dillon on the low whistle, and John Schreiber on guitar in the back there.

The first tunes is Jenny's Welcome to Charlie, which I learned from the playing of Kevin Glackin, here played in Gm instead of the traditional Dm. The second tune is Over the Moor to Maggie, here played in Bb rather than in G, to accommodate Eamonn's whistle.

Splash, out


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Damn good craic, J. Where do you gents generally play? I'd love to be able to catch you in action one day.
This is at The Field, on Griffin Road, in Dania Beach, FL. I'm not the regular there...I just sub in for either Roisin Dillon on fiddle or John Schreiber on guitar once in a while.

Both are DEFINITELY worth going out of your way to see, if you like traditional Irish music.

I also host a weekly unplugged seisiun at The Frog and Toad Pub, in North Broward County.
Nice fiddlin' there, Captain.
I'm impressed, Jason! Thanks for posting that.
Note to kids: See what happens to intonation at the end of the night after a couple of beers?
Nice work! More, please!
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