Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election liveblog 
9:32 PM -- I changed the header at the top of the blog. It looks ugly.

9:32 -- I pulled into a local watering hole to watch TV (I don't have a TV at home) and slowly drink myself into a self-pitying stupor. Well, maybe not to as much an extent

9:34 -- CNN just called Ohio for Obama. Fuck. I guess it won't be a very late night.

I thought that Obama might have stepped in it by saying his policies would bankrupt coal plants.

Maybe the GOP will learn its lesson by running a fucking Republican next time.

9:38 -- I miss Tim Russert.

9:38 -- Ok, now, as a uniformed service member (part time), I need to start to figure out how to run a blog when I am not likely to be very supportive of the liberal-in-chief's policies - if not outright contemptuous. Now, I hope I am pleasantly surprised by the future Obama administration, but it seems pretty clear to me that the man is part and parcel of the worst that Chicago machine politics has to offer.

Think about that for a second. Of all the machines Obama could have come from, he had to come from the single most corrupt machine in the country (with the possible exception of Hawaii's Democratic machine). And then Obama had to come from the very worst, the very sleaziest and most radical corner of that machine - the Ayers/communist axis of the Chicago Democratic machine. There is very little to suggest that Obama is anything other than a pretty, palatable and marketable face painted on the most radical libtard, socialist ideologies in American politics.

Obama has never stood up to these radical elements and put them in their place. Not once. When he had the chance to slam Ayers for good and everything he's ever stood for for good, he voted 'present.' He didn't punt his vile preacher until he had to for political expediency. For 20 years before that, he was soaking it up.

He's never clearly and finally repudiated Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.

And of course, like all libtards, he continues to exhibit an inexorable tendency to surrender to everyone in sight (except the one person that nobody can find.)

Joe Biden, meanwhile, is an affable idiot who is hard to take seriously. He's not an effective plain-talker like Bush, and he's not an effective policy wonk (c.f., his dumbass, defeatist proposal to partition Iraq.

That's the kind of guy who will take his team off the field with the score tied in the third inning.

At any rate, I like Obama less and less. Every day another relevation comes out exposing him for the radical leftard he is. Bankrupt the coal industry? Indeed.

Nevertheless, in a few months, I shall be a commissioned officer sworn to uphold his lawful orders. Further, once he's elected, there is only so far I will be able to express the contempt I have for the man's ideology, without running afoul of regulations.

Simplifying the equation somewhat, however, is my belief that Obama is personally a fundamentally decent man. I have no doubt that our road to Hell is paved with Obama's good intentions.

From a moral point of view, I don't think he holds a candle to McCain, though. So it's not as though I can call his fundamental personal decency as a consolation prize.

9:49 PM. So Obama's behind in New Mexico, with 4% of precincts reporting. So what do the shitheads at CNN do? Why, call New Mexico for Obama, of course!

I think all conservatives should boycott VNS exit polls from now on.

10:01 At any rate, y'all know what I think of so-called progressivism. I've had my rants and vents. Unlike what George Bush experienced from the libtards, the President elect and President will get a fair shake from Countercolumn.

Socialism won't. But Obama will.

10:03 - McCain's body politic isn't even cold yet, and CNN has abandoned election coverage in order to let Nancy Grace cover the Hudson family murders.

Yet another nail in the coffin of journalism credibility.

Grace doesn't cover black crime victims unless they're families are famous, I guess.

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The coal thing was never going to influence enough people to change the election.

You have a handful of 'major' coal states, most of which already belonged to McCain. Illinois was never going to be swayed, even though the celebration tonight in Grant Park was probably powered in large part by...coal. There were a few where Obama was weak, but if you think of the people who are concerned about coal - miners, power workers, industry types, there aren't enough of them to change things from Friday to Monday. Likely, most of them were already for McCain anyway.
But how will it influence thing when the lights go out?
Jason, Will there be any way to track recruiting and reenlistment goals in the coming months? I'm interested in seeing if our current military and potential new members decide working for the new administration won't be to their liking.
The DoD publishes the services' recruiting and retention numbers around the 10th of every month here:


I know that the Army publishes their mission numbers at the USAREC Public Affairs website. You can find it from www.usarec.army.mil
"Nevertheless, in a few months, I shall be a commissioned officer sworn to uphold his lawful orders. Further, once he's elected, there is only so far I will be able to express the contempt I have for the man's ideology, without running afoul of regulations."

It is for that reason that I have been agonizing for a few months over whether or not I could retain my commission in good conscience. Right now the answer is "Yes, unless he gives me a reason not to do so." I can separate the man from the politics, but with those politics, he's got some backpeddling to do if this O4 over 12 is going to stay through 20.
I don't know that I am willing to say that he is a fundamentally decent man. I think he is simply slicker and better behaved in the obvious ways than your average leftist.

I will not sink to the kind of "He's Not My President" bullshit so popular on the left, but my only consolation will be that virtue is its own reward. I anticipate no reciprocity.

Tooth and nail when he is wrong, back him when he is right.
why dont you try to take out taliban instead of WHINING!
"nick" you couldn't even take out the trash, so sod off.
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