Saturday, November 15, 2008

Did Obama Fail To Register For The Draft? 
Debbie Schlussel thinks he may have, and posts her evidence.

My take: I thought the whole kerfuffle over the Obama birth certificate was stupid from the start. There are a number of bureaucratic stupidities that can arise from those documents - as I vividly recall when some dumbass at the Kaneohe Satellite City Hall refused to grant me a drivers' license because I showed up for my licensing test because my paper said "Certificate of Live Birth" rather than "Birth Certificate."

I'm therefore maintaining a skeptical distance to this one.

In this particular case, a big part of Schlussel's argument lies in the "08" prefix to the form number in the upper right hand corner. The assertion is that the Federal government numbers its forms so that the first two numbers denote the year of issuance of that version of the form. Obama, who ostensibly registered in 1980, could not possibly have registered on a "08" form.

That is not an assertion I can independently verify. Any other veteran federal civil service readers able to weigh in?

It's relevance? Well, for ordinary people, failing to register for selective service would disqualify them from federal employment, sure. But it seems clear to me that one would have to accept that the person who wins the majority of electoral college votes is qualified for federal employment by definition. (By the same token, the President is assumed to hold the highest security clearance in government by default. He doesn't have to "apply" to his employees to be granted a clearance. He's the President.)

If one were to seriously argue that Obama should be disqualified for office because of his failure to register, then the proper procedure for resolution would be initiating the impeachment process.

That ain't gonna work.

Third, yes, fraud and forgery are federal crimes. They would be grounds for impeachment, in my view, if Obama committed them, or conspired with others to commit them. In this case, though, it's pretty unlikely Obama committed the fraud or forgery, if any, himself. If this document is fraudulent, it strikes me as a local job.

But I think we definitely should be stringing the fraudster up by her thumbs, if this document does indeed turn out to be falsified.

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There's nothing in the U.S. Constitution (see Art. II, Sec. 1) that says you have to register for the draft to be president. For that matter, I rather doubt that the Framers would have tolerated having a draft in the first place.

I've quoted you and linked to you here: http://consul-at-arms.blogspot.com/2008/11/re-did-obama-fail-to-register-for-draft.html
Reminds me of a poster back in the Vietnam era. A picture of a soldier with the words "F*** the draft" tattooed on his upper lip. A friend of mine in possession of that poster nearly got expelled from his school over it.
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