Thursday, October 23, 2008

Urban Bigotry at the New York Times 
The New York Times is looking for stringers out in Jesusland, and so has taken out an ad on JournalismJobs.com, a popular internet watering hole for the unemployed, underemployed and soon-to-be-laid-off.

I think it's encouraging that they're making an effort to improve their coverage of heartland America and expand cultural diversity among their editorial staff.

Oh, and before you rush to send in your clips, make sure you mind the Times' editorial guidance:

"Do not submit ideas regarding dog fights, cock fights, or the Confederate flag."

I swear, you can't make this shit up, folks. What a bunch of condescending pricks.

How offensive is this? Well, let's imagine an ad that reads thus:

The Metro News Journal is looking for experienced freelance writers to cover the African-American community. Please do not submit any ideas regarding watermelon recipes, fried chicken, or "I Found My Baby-Daddy" confessionals.

Post your story ideas for the New York Times below.

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Hat-tip: Instapundit

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