Thursday, October 02, 2008

Liveblogging the Palin - Biden Debate 
8:59: The whole debate starts out with an insult - the insult to the intelligence of the American people that is the selection of Gwen Ifyll to moderate the debate. That should not be tolerated.

9:00 Iiiiiiiiit's SHOWTIME!!!!!!

9:01 Lanny Davis. Good man. For a Democrat, anywyay.

9:01 Ok, got a phone call. Chill, people.

9:07 Initial impression: Palin: Ham-handed. Biden: ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

9:09 Palin is the first with a statistic! 97% of his votes are strictly along party lines.

9:11 Demand strict oversight. But she doesn't go in for the kill by quoting Congressional Democrats resisting calls to tighten oversight on Fannie and Freddie.

9:12 Palin's flag is sooooo much BIGGER than Biden's flag pin. That must mean she loves her country that much more!

9:13 Biden says the middle class needs tax relief. Funny when libtards argue like that. It's almost as if they secretly believe tax
decreases are stimulatory!

9:14 Palin's bringing it! Stats! Nice!

9:15 Palin: I'm going to talk straight to the American people." Brilliant! She's showing very well for herself, here. And bitch-slaps the moderator in the process.

9:17 Close your eyes. When Biden talks, does he sound like Captain Kirk to anyone else besides me?

9:18 I hope we get to the part where Palin wants to rape the continental shelf and then make it pay for its own rape kit soon!

9:19 How is a tax credit "budget neutral?"

9:19 Uh oh. Those "artificial lines between states" are called "borders." What Palin is advocating, de facto, is the evisceration of the authority of State Insurance Commissioners. So much for "federalism," eh?

9:21 Palin tried to out-wonk Biden. Biden can out-wonk her to death. The danger for Biden is he doesn't know when to stop.

9:26 Great!!! We want oil companies to produce more energy. Let's tax them more!

9:26 Man, I wish I had the chance to tear Biden's stupid ass apart up there on Exxon and the "windfall profits tax." What a libtard moron.

9:28 Palin: "It's a toxic mess on Main Street, that's affecting Wall Street." ROFL!!!!

9:29 Biden wants the courts to shred legal contracts and shred contract law. God, libtards are stupid! Like THAT'S what we need to restore confidence in our transactional markets!

9:31 I think Palin is doing very well at dispelling fears about her cometence so far.

Heh heh. I mispelled "competence." I'll leave it, though, for the craic.

9:35 BINGO!!!!!! "Raping the continental shelf!!!!! Called it!

9:36 Biden "Maybe he's for everything if the free market takes care of it!" The libtard says that like it's a BAD thing?

9:37 The constitution calls for same sex couples having life insurance policies and visitation hours in hospitals? Curiouser and curiouser.

9:38 You know, I think that Ms. Ifill might be being a little tougher putting Biden on the spot than Palin so far.

9:41 Now John McCain is the only candidate in this race that knows the nightmare of surrender first hand.

9:41 Obama has been advocating withdrawal over the next 16 months for the last 36 months.

9:42 At any rate, drawing down over the next 16 months is different from the current projection exactly how?

9:42 Rub Obama's nose in the surge. Nice.
"I don't know how you can defend that position now." Heh.

9:45 John McCain voted against that bill to fund the MRAPs because Libtards in Congress were holding the MRAP hostage to that ill-advised timeline. "Vote to surrender, or the soldier gets it." Bastards.

9:46 Well, actually, until recently, Al Qaeda itself considered Iraq the central front in the war against the West. Until recently.( Good for Palin for pointing that out!)

9:48 I'm hoping we have four more years of pissing off libtards with the word "Nu-cu-lar!" That alone would be worth the price of admission!


9:49 Heh. Dropping Kissinger's name. The libtards who have been calling for his head for war crimes'll love that! :)

9:50 Obama sure as hell did say he'd sit down with Ahmadinejad, Senator.

9:56 Biden's still running against Bush? I'd rather run against Congress!

9:57 Heh. Nucular weapons would be the 'be all, end all' of too many regions.

This term "be all, end all," you keep using, Governor. I do not think that it means what you think it means.

9:58: In fairness to Obama, I think he was referring to air raiding villages in Iraq, not in Afghanistan.

I think Biden's point that the surge will not work the same way in Afghanistan as it did in Iraq is fair.

10:02 Senator, have you ever seen a war you didn't support?

10:03 We can impose a 'no fly zone' in Darfur. But is it really pilots that are doing or enabling the Janjaweed killing? Will a NFZ really change ANYTHING? Where would you fly out of? Over whose airspace? Wanna put a carrier out there permanently? I don't get it!

10:06 Biden: "I never supported John McCain's (winning) strategy on the war!"
(I might have added the (winning) part.)

10:19 Ummm. "Shining city on a hill." That wasn't Reagan, toots. That's far older and bigger than Reagan.

10:20 Biden: "My excessive passion." HURL!!!!!!

10:21 Biden's trying to out-regular guy Palin? HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

10:24 Biden "McCain's not been a maverick on the war?!?!?!" Biden has gone off his rocker.

10:44 It's over. Palin did just fine. Hopefully, that will be the end of people questioning her competence. Megan McCardle was dead wrong when she prematurely wrote off Palin as "a disaster" on her blog the other day. A lot of other people misunderestimated her, too. But she went toe to toe with Biden and parried him on his strength...foreign policy, and even carried a number of points. I think Palin won handily.

Biden has a serious medical problem compelling him to withdraw from the race in 3...2...1...

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I'm so glad I chose to watch to watch the Dodgers from 1st to last pitch Thursday night. All of the replays of the debate indicate to me that even the Cubs fielded better than Palin. (For Chicago, there was an error at each infield position.) I think the umpires called a tighter game, too, than Glen Ifill. Or was she pitching? Softballs?
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