Thursday, October 23, 2008

How to Deal With The "Palin Pals Around With Terrorists, Too!" Lie 
I actually encountered this one at a leftist cafe I occasionally play music at (and where I pissed off some of the Obamatons who tried to draw me into their tripe, assuming that because I was a musician I must agree with them):

Sarah Palin pals around with terrorists.*

Their construct: Obama/Ayers = Todd Palin/Alaska Independence Party.

Their hope is to neutralize the Obama/Ayers connection by slandering Todd Palin and the AIP.

Case in point: the lameass who writes "The Smirking Chimp:"

The question that needs to be asked now more than ever is, “Are you, Sarah Palin, a terrorist?”

Governor Palin, there is a man by the name of Joe Vogler living in your state. He has led this organization called the Alaska Independence Party. Guess what, Governor Palin, your husband Todd, Alaska’s self-designated “first dude” has held membership in it.

You remember the organization well since you addressed one of their recent conventions and wished those Alaskans well.

Indeed, you wished them well, and you call Barack Obama someone who consorts with a known terrorist. Let us examine your vulnerability in that area.

Organizations are known and recognized by their leadership. As for this Joe Vogler, what does he think about the America that you are seeking to convince the nation’s voters that you are ready to lead as president or vice president?

Sarah, if you become vice president or perhaps president, should circumstances dictate, would you follow the lead of Vogler and spearhead an effort by your own state of Alaska secede from the union? Does this sound like Civil War II?

Have you read, Sarah, what Vogler has said about America on the Alaska Independence Party’s website?

Here are Vogler’s stinging words:

“I’m an Alaskan, not an American. I’ve got no use for America or her damned institutions.”

Do you support those words of the leader of the party you wished well and that your own husband joined, Sarah?

Sarah, don’t those words of Vogler’s sound like a … like a terrorist?

The author, a libtard named Bill Hare, is a dumbass in more ways than I can count.

First of all, only a thumb-sucking imbicile could have written "there is a man living in your state named John Vogler," without first having done enough research to learn that Vogler has been dead since 1993.

Second, Hare-brain is too stupid to figure out that Vogler was killed before Palin even entered politics as a city council woman in Wasilla. Palin had very little chance to "pal around" with Vogler in any politically relevant way.

Third, Vogler was a Fairbanks guy. That's a long-ass way from Wasilla. It's a hell of a lot longer from Fairbanks to Wasilla than it is from one end of the hallway at a Chicago office building to another.

Fourth, Ayers is an unrepentant terrorist. There is no evidence that Vogler every advocated the violent overthrow of the U.S. Government, while Ayers formally declared war against it.

Fifth, there is no evidence that Vogler ever espoused violence to achieve his political objectives; it is part and parcel of Ayers' political philosophy and he put it into practice, with deadly results.

Sixth, as a transplanted Hawaiian, I can tell Hare-brain that even though his information-starved view of history is so limited that he cannot conceive of a secessionist movement without immediately equating it to the Confederacy, there are a lot of ways to skin a cat, and there are legitimate secessionist movements that have absolutely nothing to do with the C.S.A., either in motive, political philosophy, or legal justification.

I do not support Hawaiian secessionism personally. But to equate them with the C.S.A. or terrorist movements is just retarded. Ditto with Alaska. Hare-brain apparently doesn't understand oddball-state psychology or native and long-time resident resentment. Hell...even Texas sometimes thinks it's still a Republic!

Seventh, there is no evidence that Palin was ever a member of the Alaskan Independence Party (but so what if she was? Vogeln wasn't a terrorist, it's legal to be an AIP member.)

Eighth: Todd Palin was indeed a member. But he did not become a member until AFTER Vogler's death. Again, not much of a chance to pal around with the guy - again, who wasn't a terrorist. Bill Ayers is.

Ninth: Todd Palin isn't even on the ballot. But Obama is.

Don't let these libtard rats try to obfuscate away the Obama/Ayers connection and Obama's radical roots. Their attempt to do so is a filthy, contemptible lie.

Splash, out


* CNBC interviews The Nation reporter Max Blumenthal without bothering to speak to anyone from the McCain campaign or anyone else to provide accountability to Blumenthal's one-sided reporting. Oh, and for good measure, CNBC doesn't bother to mention that Max is the son of former Clinton aide Sydney Blumenthal.

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Great post Jason.

I know your heart is in the financial sector (and music), but man could you really shine on a bigger journalistic stage (not a knock on your blog, which is awesome, but would love to see you merge in to the fast lane with 'bigger' outfits. Their loss!)

I was wondering - if you get the time - if you could blog about either the latest Lieutenant Watada developments and/or the issue with "Fairfax County Registrar is holding servicemembers, including those currently defending their country in war zones, to a much more exacting standard, requiring the witnesses who sign their Federal Write-in Absentee Ballots to include their address."


Dear anonymous,

Thanks very much for your kind words!

Yes, I have discussed participating in a few group blogs, and have even gotten so far as to get a password at a couple of larger blogs I've enjoyed over the years where I'd be a good fit.

It wasn't a big deal a couple of years ago, when I had more time to scout for stories and craft better essays with better research and documentation and keep up a readership. Readership here has declined over the last year or two, as a natural result of the decrease in the time I've invested in it. I'll still post as the spirit moves me, or not, but it's not a focus of my life these days.

It may make more sense to be a infrequent contributor to another blog with more readership, but honestly, I like the editorial independence. Not too many other blogs would do well with the tri-focus on military, finance and music, though.
Palin did make it a point to meet him several years before he died-but maybe it was just curiosity.
I'm glad Hawai'i was conquered by America. Seriously, what would have been the likely alternative? Not Britain, that was done, and Queen Victoria had too much class. Russia? Well, I have some russian blood because of some, er, um, fraternization on Kaua'i. Japan? I can't think of a comment for so obvious a possibility.

Hawai'i kept its independance as long as it did, only because no country wanted another country to take Hawai'i. That is a fine thread to hang a country's well being on, and as it turns out, it was too fine a thread to hold.

Also, can you imagine the state of the world if Russian and then the USSR had Hawai'i as its pacific presence, or if Japan had it as their jumping off point? World history could be drastically different today. For me, my life would have probably sucked growing up under communist or Japanese rule.

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