Saturday, October 04, 2008

Guess the headline 
This is the time on Countercolumn when we try to guess the Ass. Press headline from the text in the news story.

Are you ready? Ok, here's the text from the story:

The al-Qaida in Iraq leader was killed Friday elsewhere in northern Baghdad. American troops also killed the man's wife in a firefight as they tried to capture him, the military said.

Mahir Ahmad Mahmud al-Zubaydi, also known as Abu Assad or Abu Rami, was accused of directing an insurgent cell believed to be responsible for nearly simultaneous car bomb and suicide attacks Thursday, according to the statement.

Iraqi police and hospital officials have said some two dozen people were killed in Thursday's attacks targeting two Shiite mosques in Baghdad.

Those attacks and others that struck during Ramadan have raised fears that al-Qaida in Iraq is trying to provoke Sunni-Shiite reprisal killings as U.S.-led forces begin to draw down.

Al-Zubaydi was among the most senior insurgents killed by U.S. forces as they seek to shore up security gains that have driven the level of violence to its lowest point in more than four years.

Sooooo.... can you guess the headline?

If you guessed "U.S. Military: Iraqi Killed in Helicopter Collision," you'd be right.


Splash, out


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I was certain that it would be "Iraqi Woman killed by US Military"
Hmm... how about: "Woman killed in firefight"


"Family of al-Qaida leader killed in Iraq"

although i'm leaning more towards the first, at least there was a firefight mentioned in the article... where the heck is that helicopter, lol.
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