Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Watch out for this meme... 
The pack of baying hyenas known as the Left will not miss a chance to note that Sarah Palin is "under investigation" in Alaska -- as if that was somehow dispositive of anything. The fact is Bill Clinton spent much of his second term continually under investigation for something. I doubt the libtards would concede that that fact, by itself, meant a damn thing. Fair enough. I wouldn't either. Because it doesn't.

Josh Marshall, at least, has made a game effort to develop the argument. Not that he's got much of one, though. And even he didn't even have the sense to recognize the "Sarah wasn't really pregnant" lie as bullshit when he saw it, instead giving it further exposure on TPM (without noting that the story is pretty much falsified by the story that Bristol is pregnant now. Josh Marshall, super-genius, doesn't know what to make of it.)

Splash, out


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