Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Watch out for this madness... 
The drooling bunch of troglodytes that make up leftard opinion makers are now roundly accusing McCain of failing to vet Palin prior to naming her as the Republican Veep nominee... and exhibit A is the fact that Palin's daughter is expecting. The argument goes like this: The careless incompetents that make up the McCain campaign staff was clearly negligent in not specifically inquiring into the intimate sexual history of a 17-year-old girl.

So I guess now it's expected practice for prospective employers of women to start sniffing out not only the applicant's vaginas, but those of their children, too!

Another triumph for feminism!

What's amazing is that Bill Clinton anticipated all of this as far back as 1996! (Give that man a cigar!)

Of course, the Libtards have no problem with the failure of Democratic delegates to vet and weigh the sexual history of the nominee himself.

Here's a dose of libtard logic for you:

That's right: Bill Clinton, the Democratic nominee of 1992 and again in 1996, is widely known to be a serial philanderer = No problem.

Some 17 year old girl, not running for office, and who has done NOTHING to warrant or deserve this kind of public scrutiny is pregnant (by her intended) = Problem.

Indeed, it's so much of a problem, that Obama's minions of flying monkeys gleefully embark on an intense campaign to use this girl as a bludgeon with which to attack her mother.

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It's a Ronald moment for me.

"I'm Lovin' It!"

Watching them come absolutely fucking unglued over this is simply too rich for words.

Watching them throw the experience canard out there only to have it come back five fold at their guy is enough to make me take up Wicca...

I'd like to believe McCain camp knew about all of this, and figured it works right in with their plan. Inexperienced? Look at BHO, Rubber Stamp Yes Man for the Illinois Senate. Abortion? She walks the walk and carries her Down's baby to term. Pregnant kid? Who doesn't have a family where that's happened?

For that matter, who in this day and age is actually shocked to find out teenagers like sex?
Oh yeah, I forgot.
The Left can never again claim the moral high ground on personal politics, and going after private lives. Not after this weekend.
You said it...

Flying Monkeys!!! LOL :P

Anyway, I just guess that they have nothing against her, so they are just trying to stab at just about anything they can, as if that's ever the smart thing to do... personally I believe they should just throw in the towel and admit their defeat, for it really looks very bad for Obama and his *coughs* "flying monkeys." :P
Not much new here for Obama...his republican opponent for the Illinois senate seat was forced to withdraw at the last minute after it was revealed that he had asked his wife for a "monica" in a Paris nightclub. This tidbit was pried loose from sealed divorce court records after BHO's buddies in the Chicago press had filed a FOI lawsuit for the court records. BHO's handlers (Axelrod & co.) have a history of prying into private lives, turning up an unrelated issue and using it to smear anyone standing in their way.
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