Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Watch out for this lie: 
The libtards will argue that St. Paul police are running roughshod over the 1st and 4th amendments by being heavy-handed in detaining or arresting convention protesters, all of whom, naturally, are exercising their constitutional freedoms by holding hands, singing old Joan Baez songs, and picking lice out of each others' armpit hair or whatever it is they do. (Curiously, Glenn Greenwald is here posting under his own name).

Conspiracy to kidnap delegates? Meh. It slipped their slippery little minds, I guess.

That's right...left wing radicals are conspiring to respect and uphold democracy by forcibly kidnapping journalists, dropping bags of cement on buses transporting Cub Scouts, stocking up buckets of urine (no doubt for its mellowing properties and for its utility in the storing of crucifixes).

Anyway, here's Greenwald:

Journalists were forcibly detained at gun point. Lawyers on the scene to represent the detainees were handcuffed. Computers, laptops, journals, diaries, and political pamphlets were seized from people's homes. And all of this occurred against U.S. citizens, without a single act of violence having taken place, and nothing more serious than traffic blockage even alleged by authorities to have been planned.

Hmmm. I guess the conspiracy to commit kidnapping kinda puts a hole in that assertion, eh, puppetmaster?

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The buckets of urine thing is BS - apparently one of the houses had a broken toilet. Charging people with conspiracy for just talking about kidnapping is an infringement on their 1st amendment rights - conspiracy requires an agreement between to people to commit a crime. If they have actual assembled molotov cocktails as the affadavit (props to twincities.com for linking it) claims then I have no sympathy for them.
No, I don't think the 1st amendment need be construed to go that far, but I can understand your point.

I can also certainly understand the point of view of responsible law enforcement. Here we have groups of people who already have a track record of illegal and violent behavior at other events. They already have a track record of pelting law enforcement with everything from urine to feces to molotov cocktails. (As an aside: You ACTUALLY believe the 'broken toilet' line? Just how long would YOU keep the urine lying around if it were YOUR broken toilet? Geez.)

And so they get infiltrated, because it's much better to prosecute a conspiracy to commit PRIOR to the violent act than it is to prosecute the violent act after the fact.

And then these retards want to hide behind the first amendment? The 1st doesn't protect the right to violence, nor does it protect conspiracy to do so.

They may have jumped the gun. Under most state laws, you don't have a conspiracy until two or more people say "let's do this." And then, depending on the jurisdiction, they may actually have to take a step to commit that crime (traveling to Minnesota?).

But we're talking about kidnapping, here.

I'm much more interested in the rights of peaceful, law abiding delegates than I am in those of violent scumbag professional protesters.

In a close case, I think police should err on the side of caution and round these bastards up preemptively on whatever they've got.

Now, absent the violent intent of these groups, I would certainly object. But these guys built their own track record, and they are far beyond deserving the benefit of the doubt, and if I were law enforcement, I'd rather be apologizing for the premature arrest of a scumbag with a stockpile of slingshots and buckets of urine than apologize after a delegate is missing or killed or injured in a kidnap attempt, and have to explain to the city why it was that when your informants told you they witnessed the "how to kidnap a delegate" brainstorm session at the meet-up, your officers stood by and did nothing.
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