Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stupider and stupider 
Proof that they're now trying to throw ANYTHING at Governor Palin:

The Democratic Underground says Palin named two kids after witches and "wears a pentagram!"

That one was too stupid, even for the morons on Democratic Underground!

Now, I did do a search on Piper Palin on the DU site, out of curiosity. And to their credit, they were a lot classier with respect to Piper than the HuffPo crowd was.

Which doesn't say a lot for HuffPo!

(P.S., Full disclosure: Palin turned me into a newt. She will turn MILLIONS of us into newts.)

Splash, out


Let 'em run with it. It'll garner votes of the 'disaffected-goth-losers-who-dig Hollywood-witchcraft a la Buffy- the-Vampire-Slayer' crowd.
Hey, I have a friend who believes that Bush the Younger, by an act of temporal magic, caused the Spring 2000 stock market crash with his election in the late fall of that year. Compared to that, naming kids after fictional characters which weren't created until years after their birth is a cinch.
Well, yeah...trying to ban Harry Potter years before it was ever published! That just rocks!

She's a preemptive war genius!
Um yeah... Piper is an English name meaning, "flute player" and Willow is an English name meaning, "from the willow tree," very 'witchy' obviously... really?
Quite frankly, I like both names, however I'm neither witch (hasn’t been proven yet, lol) nor condone witchcraft. I’m also a highly faithful believer in one Supreme Being., however I feel that God loves creativity and wants us to use fiction/fantasy for amusement; otherwise he wouldn’t have created it in the first place. I’ve seen both the movie Willow and the series Charmed. Much like Harry Potter, they use witchcraft as a medium for producing high amounts of fantastical surprises and unbelievable twists of fiction just to keep our attention for more than a second as we get through the dialogue; neither movies nor show condones it. They are more about good versus evil, where good always triumphs.
I feel these people (Democrats, Libtards, whatever and etc…) just don’t have anything else on her so they are just trying to point a finger at anything they can. Didn’t their mothers ever tell them that when you point a finger, you are just pointing three back at yourself. (If you don’t believe me, just try it out.)
Btw… I’ve been a newt before Palin, and it’s not such a bad thing... women like her could turn us into better people though, scary huh? : P
Heh. That's rumor #10.
"Full disclosure: Palin turned me into a newt."

I got better!

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