Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So who was ever charged for a rape kit? 
CNN writes a big, long story about how Wasilla charged rape victims for rape kits... which is all true, except for the part about Wasilla actually charging victims for rape kits.

Not one person.

But read through the story. You can just taste how desperately, DESPERATELY the reporter wants to find something there. But the piece is nothing but a smear job. It's an abuse of journalistic practice, with every salacious detail designed to titillate prominently featured, while every piece of exculpatory evidence in support of Gov. Palin tucked neatly at the very end of the piece.

Neat trick.

And the leftard vagina-sniffing continues.

Splash, out


UPDATE: See the minutes from the relevant meetings.

Ok, CNN...find me a police agency in Alaska who ever actually billed a victim, directly, as a matter of policy. Do you have the goods? Have you done your job? Name names.

P.S., If there's anything wrong with a municipality passing rape kit charges along to a victim's insurance company, I haven't found it. I'm assuming that when the Wasilla official talks of passing charges on to the insurance company, the deductible has already been paid. But aren't insurance companies in the business of taking on risks like this? They'd get the bill if the victim were injured wouldn't they? They'd get the bill for an MRI. Why should a rape kit be treated any differently?

I guess because it's a law enforcement expense. But it could just as easily be construed to be a medical expense, too, since samples could be examined for HIV and other communicable diseases.

UPDATE: Much more from Confederate Yankee

Bottom line: Wasilla's police chief has no record of any victim ever having been billed for a rape kit. The city's finance director likewise has no record of any victim ever having been billed for a rape kit.

So where is the reporter's information coming from? Did they check it out? Did they check ANYTHING out?

Just terrible.

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Add to the situation the fact that police depts do not do rape kits, hospitals do. And yes of course hospitals bill the victim's insurance or charges medicaid.
"Name names...passing rape kit charges along to a victim's insurance company"

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