Friday, September 12, 2008

Seeing Red 
This is just fucking special.

I wear that combat patch, and wear it proudly.

That combat patch is something special.

Men have died to give that red patch its meaning.

To think that someone can go to Sears and buy the right to wear that patch with a 20 dollar bill is stupid.

For the Army to think it can LICENSE such a right for 30 pieces of silver, or any other price, is an outrage.

I'd love to find out who's bright idea this was, so I can send my patch to him in the mail.

Thanks to Paul. (Good luck, and take care of the troops, friend!)

Splash, out



This is crazy. It is a slap in the face of all of us who wear a patch on the right shoulder. It is like wearing a British regimental tie. You don't wear insignia you haven't bought the hard way. And the Army shouldn't be licensing our insignia. The rights to the patches doesn't belong to the Army, they belong to the troops that wore them.
Maybe the same guys that thought this one up planned to have LT Caleb Campbell sell the patches on QVC in between his NFL gig.
I'm not a Big Red One vet, but I am OIF vet. I was surprised when Vietnam an WWII vets I shared this with were enthusiastic about it (1 of each).

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