Sunday, September 07, 2008

More on Obama (not) joining the military 
Obama graduated in 1979. He says now he didn't join because there was no active military conflict at the time.

The Iranian hostage crisis began less than six months after Obama would have graduated high school. The Cold War was in full swing. The Soviets invaded Afghanistan in December of that same year. We had troops on the DMZ in Korea the whole time, and it was flaring up from time to time. The President of the United States had narrowly survived a rabbit attack that spring. And most significantly, the Empire had just destroyed the planet Alderaan.

Clearly, Obama had, shall we say, "other priorities."

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Baloney. Jimmy Carter re-instated Selective Service in July, 1980. This is not the draft I knew....

While I respect John McCain’s military service, in McCain’s day ALL men HAD to go into the military. Many guys went ahead and enlisted, because they knew they were going to get drafted anyway. Enlisting was a way to have some say about what branch of the service they could get into.

But would McCain have enlisted if there was no draft? No one knows that.

McCain’s being in the military was a legal requirement of his generation, and to suggest he would have enlisted without a draft is only a guess.

Considering how wild and selfish McCain was in his youth (his own words), I doubt he would have enlisted without a draft.
All men had to sign up for Selective Service. All men did not get drafted. Enlisting was the only 100% sure way to end up in the military.

Try again.
News flash, genius:

McCain never enlisted.

You can stop making yourself look like a moron anytime.
Hey, anonymous, look up "US Naval Academy" and tell us how easy it is to get into.

Obviously, McCain was trying to avoid being drafted!!!
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