Monday, September 08, 2008

The Media's meltdown 
One thing the Palin candidacy has done is it has finally brought the true libtard nature of much of our mass media into bold relief that, for the first time, is not only obvious to politics junkies like us, but to the casual news consumer as well.

According to Rasmussen, fully 68% of voters believe that "most reporters try to help the candidate they want to win." And -- no surprise -- 49% of those surveyed believe reporters are backing Barack Obama, while just 14% think the media is in the tank for Sen. McCain.

Meanwhile, 51% of those surveyed thought the press was "trying to hurt" Mrs. Palin with its coverage.

Perhaps most troubling for the press corps, though, was this finding: "55% said media bias is a bigger problem for the electoral process than large campaign donations."

Why now? Well, the reporting has been bad for ages. But when the media was reporting badly about the Iraq war, though, they could get away with it, because other than the warbloggers and a few others, Main Street USA had no way to compare the coverage of the Iraq War with the reality on the ground. Further, because the libtards in the media knew they had months and years to discredit the war (whether it was a conscious or unconscious effort is not relevant here), they could get the job done with a constant, low-grade idiocy that was next to impossible for most people to discern.

With Palin it's different.

The libtard media is going great guns to discredit Palin by throwing everything but the kitchen sink at her. And the interns are unbolting the sink from the wall to make it throwable even as we speak.

But they can't. Why? Because unlike the Iraq War, which was unknowable to anyone who was not there or at least exceptionally plugged in to military sources, nearly everyone in America has up close personal knowledge of a woman with five children, a mother with a special needs child, a working woman, a PTA mom, a hockey mom, a member of an Assemblies of God church.

The media simply cannot smear Palin without smearing a close friend or family member or coworker of nearly everyone in the country. It does not compute.

Further, the outrageous media attacks on Palin and her family have come in such a compressed time period that their classlessness and cluelessness has become obvious. The viciousness and sheer rabidness of the foaming-at-the-mouth press corps has been compacted into a vile little capsule and readily identifiable to mainstream America.

Now that America's figured out what's going on, the anointed media class is crying "culture war."

We've heard it before. But this time it's different, I think. The polling and the screaming from advertisers and other stakeholders in media companies has gotten so bad that even CNBC is sacking Olbermann from the election coverage anchor gig (though how ANYONE could ever have thought it appropriate to allow that red-eyed whacko anywhere NEAR a debate) as well as Chris "chill running up my leg" Matthews.

The charade just became untenable.
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It's about time people realized what kind of garbage they've swallowing whole!! I just can't seem to wipe the grin off my face.
*been* swallowing... I should learn to proof while I'm grinning.
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