Thursday, September 04, 2008

Media Meltdown 
Ace has been in fine form, and he points us to this compelling video, in which FOX News' s Megyn Kelly just tears the guts out of US Magazine senior editor Scott Peterson for the execrable yellow-journalism cover. In a nutshell, Kelly just tears this pathological, craven little puppy of a man a new ass. You've got to watch it.

Peterson comes across as a textbook dissembler and liar. You could do a training videotape for police and military interrogators on how to spot a guilty fucktard by the way he uses dissembling and evasion and you couldn't have a more classic portrayal than what you have right here.

Now, I must admit, at first I was a little put off by Kelly - I wasn't sure if an ostensibly neutral or balanced reporter ought to be taking such an overtly accusatory tone towards him on camera. But then, I stopped to think about it. If she's any good, she takes her craft seriously, and takes the public trust seriously. And here she is confronted with a guy who is trying to take those ideals she holds dear: balance, impartiality, accuracy in headlines, the eschewing of pointless sensationalism (the cover headline), and here's a guy making a mockery of her profession, and sliming the entire profession with his cravenness.

THAT'S the real outrage. And no editor should ever feel, once he abuses the public trust in the craft of journalism so deliberately and obtusely as Peterson does, that he can hide behind even a veneer of civility.

Instead, rats like that should be hounded from the profession by their peers, both on camera and off.

UPDATE: Oh. Did I say "Scott Peterson?" I'm sorry. His name is really Bradley Jacobs. I got him confused with a different pathological scumbag.

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Jason, you left out that Megyn is smokin' hot and very smart. Watching her for an hour every day helped get me through my last deployment...

Her only flaw is that she's also a lawyer.

OK, so it was immaterial to your point, but still...


Megyn Kelly did an even better job on Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton (USA, Ret.) this morning. Eaton is a reknowned dumbass and he displays it for the world to see in this interview. BTW, I take off my glasses when she is on TV or I'll be too distracted to hear her (they fog up, too!).


You are quite right about why she had to go after him like that - and frankly if I were liberal I would want to do the same (and it is a reason I think those of us on the right need to continue to hold our own accountable no matter how much the left may provoke - integrity is just right and it also pays off in the long run). I think you’re getting at the heart of the real, long-term damage that Sarah Palin is going to do to the cultural left - think the explanation on the difference between a "slow kill" and a quick kill by the gladiator instructor in Spartacus. The wound inflicted by Palin is a slow kill on the media, in that they might just plant enough doubt to hurt Palin, but the contrast between their portrait of her as a knuckle-dragging, trailer-trash bimbo and the reality that 40 million viewers saw on Wednesday night (along with hypocrisy so shameful about a sexist double standard against Republican women that even some feminist studies profs would blush - an almost impossible feet by the way)has delivered a kind of thrashing to the media's credibility from which they might never recover - esp. if the Gov. does remain a long-time fixture on the public stage.

Take care and thanks for keeping up with the blog,


Ps: You once wrote a couple of years ago in reference to some of my earlier posts - "I hope this guy gets tenure." Want you to know that that has happened this last spring and tenure is a very grand thing to have in the belly of the academic-left wing deindustrializing complex.
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