Friday, September 05, 2008

Man dies in 239 MPH motorcycle crash 
My favorite part of the article is this:

Investigators were not sure what caused Cliff Gullett, of Bozeman, Mont., to lose control of the motorcycle Wednesday during a time trial.

No idea. Really. No clue at all. Honest.

Heeeeeere's yer sign.

Splash, out


Well of course not... It's not like he was speeding or anything, lol.
Motorcycle injuries and deaths are going up on average because more people are riding them. Probably due to gas prices. When people say motorcycles are dangerous, I can't help but blame all the idiots I see in YouTube videos popping wheelies and standing on the seat at 100 mph. Give me a break.
If this was a time trial, he was on a track. Still, 239 mph is up there for any bike. However, the record is 350 mph at the moment according to this.
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