Thursday, September 04, 2008

Liveblogging the McCain speech 
10:06: Never done the liveblogging thing before. I don't have a TV, so I don't have the visuals.

10:06: The John McCain film. What's up with these cheesy soundracks? Cheap-ass synths? No Aaron Copeland? No real strings?

10:08: One thing that should be mentioned: Had McCain never been captured, his role in the Forrestal fire would have made Navy lore. Bravo Zulu.

10:09: I still have to adjust my insulin from the Cindy McCain film.

10:10: Father of seven. That means that the McCain/Palin kids could field a football team!

10:11: The change. Will come from strength. From a man. Who. Found his strength. In a dank. Cell. Wouldn't it be cool if Christopher Walken did the voiceover?

10:12: "When you live in a box?" We used to DREAM of living in a box!

10:13: Jesse Jackson: "We're gonna cut his nut off!"

10:14: It's surprising, but NPR's coverage hasn't pissed me off yet!

10:14: Their tribe chants "Obama." Our tribe chants "USA." 'Nuff said.

10:15: YESH WE CAN!!!!

10:16: "I'm grateful to the President of the United States for leading us during these dark days." So much for distancing himself from the President.

10:18 He's indebted to his wife Cindy and his seven children. He didn't even have to check with his staff on how many he had! (And he calls himself a sailor!)

10:19 An heir to a beer distributorship would make a fine first lady! Tap Now! Tap here! End our dependence on foreign lagers!

10:20 "Much more unites us than divides us. We are fellow Americans, and that's a distinction that means more to me than any other." Yes. Unfortunately, a substantial minority of Obama's followers are not proud of our country, like we are.


10:24: If he can't control the cheering in his own convention hall, then how on earth can he expect to control the Soviets?

10:25: Heh. He says "Wahrshington." Isn't that a Washington way of speaking? But his nasal voice...very midrangy... sounds Southwestern to me.

10:26: Palin has balanced a budget? If I were the Obama campaign, I'd take a hard look at the Wasilla operating budget under her tenure. As for the Alaska budget, it's not hard to balance a budget that is highly correlated with oil revenues during a period of skyrocketing oil prices. I like Palin, but let's be real.

10:28: "We're going to stop leaving our country's problems for some unluckier generation to fix." Is this code for Social Security reform?

10:29: "I fought corruption." You washcloth-stealing son-of-a-bitch.

10:30: "I will veto it. I will make them famous. And you will know their names!" Bravo fucking-A, Mac.

10:31: "I'd rather lose an election than see my country lose a war."

10:32 Mentioning Petraeus by name. "And the brave men and women he has the honor to command." This is warrior code talk. Nicely done. And sticking a shiv in the Betray-us crowd.

10:33: I fight for you. I fight for Tony. I fight for the family of Matthew Stanley. I fight for regular people. Sounds like he's all about picking fights. Warmonger!

10:34: "I fight to make sure that the country they fought for and never returned to." Only warriors use construction like this. This is how veterans can tell each other from a distance. Signals like this. Few Obamanites understand that kind of syntax.

Notice that unlike Obama's people, he doesn't infantilize our fallen or make them out to be victims.

10:37: "A culture of life." ZING!

10:39: "Where a bureaucrat stands between you and your doctor." Nice line. Although to an extent, that's true with private insurance too. The difference: Competition.

10:40: Long series of contrasts between his and Obama's tax plan. Libtard criticisms that his speech is short on policy substance in 3...2...1...

10:41: "Wishing away the Global economy." Nice line.

10:41 Federal wage insurance? Paid for how? (I'd bring in Robert Shiller to try to figure out a private solution for that)

10:43 School choice. I agree. But that's governor stuff. I don't see the federal role here. I wonder if they're trying to suppress the African-American turnout, or peel off some of that vote? I don't see that as very effective, though.

10:46: Why talk about education before energy? This is an issue McCain/Palin can OWN. They should be hammer and tongs on energy policy, and set Obama back on his heels. Get inside that OODA-loop! Force him to argue AGAINST drilling and cheap, renewable nuclear energy.

10:49: Sticking up for democracy in Georgia.

10:50 I know what the military should do....and what it shouldn't do. Bang.

10:51 It just occured to me that if he's elected, he will be the third consecutive aviator Republican president. (I believe Reagan also wore the aviation branch insignia during WWII, no?)

10:53: "I have that record, and the scars to prove it. Senator Obama does not." Nice.

10:54: Transparency and accountability. Going after the middle. But the 'imperfect servant' line is pure code talk for evangelicals..as was Palin's "servant heart."

10:55 "I was blessed by misfortune. I was blessed because I served in the company of heroes."

10:57 "I was beginning to learn the limits of my selfish independence." Kind of like Job in the belly of that whale.

10:57: First in, first out. Heh. Who says he doesn't know economics? That's accounting!

10:59 "Get back up and fight for the men I served with, because every day they fought for me." This man will make an outstanding commander-in-chief.

11:00 "I wasn't my own man anymore. I was my country's."

Suck it, Obama!

11:01 "I will fight for her as long as I draw breath, so help me God." Obama doesn't know the meaning of those words.

11:02 "Nothing brings greater happiness in life than to serve a cause greater than yourself." That's so true.

11:03 "Fight with me." Reminds me of "walk with me." But, you know, it kicks ass.

11:04: Climaxing. I didn't know he could do this. I mean, speaking. I knew about the five children. (And no, I'm not drawing a distinction between his natural children and his adopted children.)

Libtard accusing him of

11:06: E.J. Dionne, a member of the Washington anointed. "It wasn't a delivery that moved the crowd." Fucktard.

11:06 "There wasn't as much policy as I expected." Right on cue. I predicted that, didn't I?

11:08: 100,000 luftballoons!

11:08: They're playing Heart's "Barracuda!"

Gleen Grenwald emails: "If you can't trust McCain with your washcloth, can you really trust him to run the country?"

11:13: The moron talking heads just said that McCain never mentioned Bush. Either Bush. Well, no. That's because he mentioned his gratitude to Teh President Of The United States, genius!

11:18: A friend just texted me. She's 27, I think. She said she had no idea of McCain's POW past until she watched the convention tonight. Same goes for another friend in the same age range, as well, who didn't know until I played her a video a couple of weeks ago. So the nattering nabobs are criticizing McCain for bringing it up again. But it's not like the media is doing a great job of communicating that remarkable biography without him and his campaign reinforcing the message.


Some of the chanting is to drown out the Code Pinkos that popped up like tawdry, screeching jack-in-the-boxes. I hope some brawny, Todd Palin-type knocks one on her bony ass and be done with it.

Good play by play.
Jason, check out the articles in WSJ this morning addressing Palin & the oil companies. Adds perspective to your 10:26 comment.


RE: 10:41 - Reagan's MOS was something like "gun cameraman" for the Army Air Corps. Don't think he ever performed those duties (or perhaps even trained for them). He made training films, etc.

That's correct. Hence why I said "wore the insignia."
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