Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Libtards going after six-year-old Piper Palin 
First, its David Carr, a man who neglected his own child to feed his own drug addiction, writing that "journalists wrinkled their noses in disgust" when Piper Palin was filmed kitty-licking her brother's hair into place.

Taking their cue from the clueless David Barr, the scumnuts at HuffPo go after Piper, and use that adorable six year old as a weapon with which to bash her mother.


Sample comments:

You Right Winged Hypocrites weren't crying when Michelle Obama was getting blasted. Remember you said Family was FAIR game. So let the games continue!!!!

Totally creepy. Hasn't she been taught not to lick her hands? And to put it on her baby brother...eewww...makes me cringe. Needs more home trainig - nothing cute about this no matter howthey change to spin it. Disgusting...

I agree. This is probably a result of HOME SCHOOLING by her mom. She can't train her own children, how can she lead a country!!!!!!

1. Pregnant + an Alcoholic
2. Lacks home training

Do we really want her running anything at the White House?

No way! No how! No McCain/Palin!!!! HRC

Shows her lack of home training further pointing to her mother's incompetence!!!

It is one of the sickest perversions of politics yet that a 6-year old was co-opted to perform a stunt in front of a camera ready to tape it. Who told her to do that? Was Karl Rove under the seat whispering instructions?

this is just amazingly gross

I feel the same way. I turned my head when the clip was shown on television.

I question if Piper is being home-schooled just so she's around to take care of Trig.

Now that was too cute! Too bad her parents won't let her go to school with her friends instead of babysit.

I guess hair licking must be commonplace amongst you conservatives. What other strange behaviors do you have that we 'Libs' don't know about?

Those are from just the first few pages. Just keep scrolling!

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This is surreal. Have none of these people ever spent any time around six-year-old girls?
Dear Jason,

Every once in a while I feel like I'm in an alternative universe - because so many of my liberal colleague, members of the media, etc. assure me that the McCain/Palin assault on the media and essential Republican nastiness contrasts with their own balance and inability to get really dirty and ruthless. And then I come accross this and wonder if we are caught in some kind of weird science-fiction story where at any given moment we and our liberal friends are phasing in and out of our immediate space-time continuum - because how any liberal could look at, much less write, such vile political porn and feel nothing but abiding shame stretches the limits of my imagination. They are litterally chewing through their own bodies to pull out their intestines in order to try and fashion a noose with which to hang Governor Palin, not suspecting that this is not perhaps the best way to ensure their own viability. But they are welcome to their hatred and its fruits- they've gotten it the old fashioned way, by earning it.


Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Who are these people? Their thoughts are simply corrosive to civility.
Michelle Obama isn't six. And Piper Palin hasn't offered the Great American Public her views on the virtues of the American Republic.
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