Friday, September 12, 2008

Democrats don't care about poor people! 
John McCain gave over 27% of his income to charity in 06-07.

Obama gave 5.8% and 6.1% in those two years.

Hmmm. 27 to 6. Sounds like Koufax's Win/Loss record in his hall of fame prime!

McCain might not be able to type well. But he knows how to write a check!

As for Biden: He gave three tenths of one percent.

Wow. I don't think Palin's released her figures yet, but all she has to do is tithe, and she will be body-slamming Obama...while raising four children, on less money!

Biden isn't going to want to show his face. "Stand up, Chuck!" ROFL!

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ADDED: Plus, I'd weight what a conservative gives to charity a lot more than what a libtard gives. If a conservative does charitable giving, it will go to feed the hungry, teach people to read, it will go to the Scouts, to Little League, the Red Cross, or other worthy causes.

When a libtard gives to a charity, it's more likely going to PETA or some damned tree-hugging outfit dedicated to saving dolphins from becoming sushi.

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Not the Red Cross. Far too top-heavy, and they don't allow specific gifts.


The last source I saw, said McCain gave mostly to his own foundation, that distributed the charity to the schools his children attend.

I couldn't tell if your source had the same information.
As a general rule, I think conservatives think helping those less fortunate is something individuals and other private entities should be doing, so they "walk the walk".

Liberals, on the other hand, think it's the government's responsibility to do that, so they "talk the talk", expecting the walking to be done by American taxpayers...
Ann Althouse?

Is that you? :-)
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