Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Signs of the Cross 
There has been much hoo-hah over the last couple of days over John McCain's story of a guard who had loostened his bonds overnight, and who later, on Christmas day, stood alongside McCain outside of his cell and wordlessly drew a cross in the dirt with his foot, stood alongside McCain for several minutes, before erasing it to avoid punishment from his own superiors in the Communist Vietnamese hierarchy.

The lefties, without evidence, accuse McCain of plagiarizing the account from Solzhinitsen -- as if no Christian under persecution could ever have made such a gesture before in recorded history.

By the time of the McCain incident, the Ichthys fish was in common usage as a symbol of Christianity, having been revived from the early Christians living under Roman persecution - a fact that seems to have been lost on the undereducated moron who penned the Kos diary, who heard the story and missed the historical resonance of the gesture, instead laughably thinking that it sounded something like a scene of Ben Hur.

Well, if it does appear in Ben Hur, it's because Cecil B. DeMille did more homework than libtards are accustomed to doing. According to Christian traditions that rather predate the Viet Nam War, early Christians would draw one of the two arcs of the Ichthys symbol in the dirt with their feet. If the person they met in the street was another Christian, the other person would complete the fish. The relentlessly secularist libtards wouldn't know about this piece of history: in their ignorance, they think Solzhinitzen must have made it up out of whole cloth. But Wikipedia says that the Ichthys symbol was back in usage in the Pacific Rim in the 1960s as a discreet symbol of Christian fellowship. (It's not so discreet now that lots of people have Jesus Fish on the backs of their cars. But it was then.)

My point: A practicing Christian would likely have been familiar with the practice of drawing a cross or fish in the dirt with his or her feet - especially a Christian who was practising their faith under the risk of imprisonment, torture, or death, like McCain was, and like that Vietnamese guard.

It's a gesture that has historical resonance to a Christian that it does not to the secular wing of Libtardism, which is no doubt the wing advancing the plagiarism accusation.

The story cannot be proven false; and certainly rings true to me, as entirely plausible.

And libtards, of course, are always stupid.

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Turns out that Solzhinitzen never wrote his version of the story. He told the sotry, after many years and it was recorded by those he told it to.

Seems neathier Sozhinitzen nor McCain told thier story publicly soon after the event.
The only part of that story that I found strange, is that making a sign of the cross constitutes "worship".

No doubt it could under the circumstance, I just found that strange.
"Wherever two or more are gathered in my name."
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