Sunday, August 17, 2008

It doesn't get any better than this. 
Two lovely young ladies, still in their teens, but playing like great, great masters.

THeir names are Muireann Egan (flute) and Aofie O'Brien (fiddle) playing The Swallow's Nest and Fred Finn's.


Go raith maith agat, ladies.


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Different subject, but Barack Obama's website has a sailor in uniform writing about why he supports Obama. I'm sure that runs afoul of the DoD guidance on campaign activities. I reported this to the website last week, but since then the blogger has added another post and the campaign hasn't done anything about the picture.

Is it just me or is it YouTube, but I can barely hear the flute at all.
I can hear the flute just fine. What caught my ear, though, is that the two are playing so exquisitely tightly that the two sound like one instrument.

Fiddles and flutes blend beautifully together.
i agree, they both do blend so harmoniously together. :)
Absolutely beautiful Jason, thanks for sharing it. *HUGS* :-*
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