Saturday, July 12, 2008

RIP Tony Snow 
Drilling this weekend, so I don't have time to do much blogging. I did want to log on long enough to publicly pay my respects to Tony Snow, who passed away this week at the tragically young age of 53.

I haven't owned a television set since Bob Dole was running for President. But if there were more people on TV news like Tim Russert and Tony Snow, I probably would have made sure to have one all these years. Tony was eloquent, engaging, honest, likeable, and a very able spokesman for the Administration.

As the public voice and face of Government, Tony Snow's job was huge. And he handled it with grace and class every day.

RIP Mr. Snow. And thank you for your service to journalism and for your time spent in the direct employ of the people of the United States.

You will be missed.

ADDED: I had no idea, but Tony was a musician!

And here he is playing with Ian Anderson!


Why does Tony Snow walk to the podium if all he can speak is thin, sniping clatter? Let's presume Tony Snow is mathematically imprudent. If so, then we must then determine whether his tongue is sweet and breezy, like a furnace, or just dainty. Satisfaction no longer comes from Tony Snow. It is now sought in Rush Limbaugh's accusation that Tony Snow's cancer was announced for the White House's political gain. Announced for Tony Snow's value as a commodity.
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