Tuesday, July 08, 2008

More on Guns 
Reader Nate writes in:

You'll get lots of letters on this topic, I'll be brief:

You're Army so you trained on the Beretta M-9. First shot double action, later shots single action. That's why you like autos - later shots straighter, less trigger pull.

BUT the most popular cop gun brand is Glock, which is double-action only. Every trigger pull is full cycle. Makes it handle just like a double-action revolver. No accuracy advantage to the auto over a revolver but no disadvantage, either.

Second-shot accuracy of autos over revolvers isn't a good reason to object to the DC policy.

Heller said the Second Amendment protects weapons in common usage, but not unusual weapons. Leaving aside all the 9mm Glocks and Berettas in private hands, the venerable .45 ACP was invented 99 years ago and there are literally millions in service across the country. There's nothing unusual about semi-auto pistols, regardless of magazine capacity. If the Second Amendment doesn't limit us to muskets (the arms common in 1776), it doesn't limit us to arms common before 1900, either (revolvers instead of autos). That's the real basis for objecting to DC's policy.

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Not to pick a nit, but technically speaking Glocks (and the similar Springfield XD) aren't DAO. They're pre set. The difference being that in DAO (or the DA pull of a DA/SA firearm) the trigger pull brings the hammer or striker from rest to a cocked position and then fires the weapon. With a pre set striker or hammer the action of loading a cartridge or firing a round sets the striker or hammer in a partially cocked position. Pulling the trigger then completes the cocking process and releases the striker or hammer, firing the gun.

The difference being relevant here because generally speaking pre set guns have a lighter trigger pull than an equivalent DAO firearm. Comparing a Glock to a double action revolver isn't entirely accurate, although I fully admit to not having much experience with wheel guns.

All that said, I completely agree with the last paragraph.
"Heller said the Second Amendment protects weapons in common usage, but not unusual weapons."
--Not up on my US firearm politics; what does "unusual" mean in this context?
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