Friday, July 04, 2008

How does a libtard observe Independence Day? 


Time with family?

Honoring our flag, the republic for which it stands, and honoring our nation's armed forces?

Hell no! By wishing that our country could have been even more awesome by appeasing its oppressors, ditching the founding documents, pissing on the Rights of Man, and not bothering with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

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It would have been great if American independence hadn't occurred through a long and nasty war which often pitted neighbour against neighbour.

On the other hand, it enshrined republican, democratic values which may *not* have appeared through compromise with the British Empire.
Oh, ok. Skip the war. Wot, instead of fireworks, we should have our kids making friendship bracelets in school?

Thank God almighty for Lexington Green!

Seriously, it would have been much better had King George III simply caved to the colonial demands (though I don't see how he could have... he and his local magistrates painted the Crown into a corner!)

But not having a war would not have made our country "more awesome" today. Indeed, one could raise a very clear argument that without a war, we would have been far less awesome.

Think of it: No war, no George Washington. No George Washington, no voluntary retirement from power at the end of the term. Likely no Thomas Jefferson, or he would likely not have risen to prominence... and his political genius would have never come to fruition.

Had there been a compromise, what would the colonies have given up in return? Had there not been a war, Patrick Henry would have been branded a freak.

No ethic of revolution --> no formal guarantee of the right to keep and bear arms.

I think without the tempering of the steel in the Revolution, our country and political history would not even be recognizeable today.

No President Jefferson, no Louisiana purchase. No Bill of Rights. No Valley Forge, no noncommissioned officer corps. Probably no French Revolution. If there were a French Revolution, it would not even have had Jeffersonian ideals to guide it, and would have been an even bigger bloody fiasco than it was.
Oh, ok. Skip the war.
--That's one possibility. What would the "Confederation of British North America" have looked like if the war didn't break out? What would have happened if King George conceded to the various requests of the colonists (e.g. challenging the East India Company in Parliament)? What if the colonists toned down their protests (consider the pointed but destructive Tea Party incident) and continued to press against the Intolerable Acts without resorting to arms? Could the British colonies have simply grown out of British "tutelage" and gone their own way without any military hiccups?

You've covered some of the possible personal and Constitutional angles of the American non-Revolution. Patrick Henry stays a freak, Nathaniel Greene doesn't bother the neighbours, Washington stays on Indian Watch, John Adams sticks with his law practice, Jefferson goes to Virginia Burgess like usual, etc.

No American Revolution, probably no War of 1812. Two percent of the population, and the political genius of *that* quarter, would not left the country. Probably no French Revolution, either - and from there, no Corsican bogeyman to modernize - and decimate - continental Europe.

No American Revolution, less impetus to resist abolition - a major contributing factor to the (Second) American Civil War. But what wars might have rose instead? Maybe another English Civil War.

Speaking of which, another possibility is that the war happens and the Revolutionaries lose. In which case Yglesias might be mumbling about what a shame Cromwell gave King Chuck a talking to, or how Guy Fawkes day doesn't get his engine running, or some other minor exercise in self-flagellation.

(Maybe George III might inflict upon failed Revolutionary leaders what his royal predecessors did to the Lord Protector when royalists returned to power in Britain).
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