Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hello, what's this??? 
According to Howard Kurtz, CBS correspondent Lara Logan "had spent the previous two months involved in negotiations that freed a kidnapped CBS videographer, Richard Butler."

But Butler wasn't freed by negotiations. He was freed by an Iraqi Army raid. At least, according to previously published reports.

So what's the backstory here?

What was the settlement? What did CBS give away? And to whom? What did they offer? Was it a promised story or angle? Cash? Did they just turn every CBS journalist on the planet in to a walking, talking certified check?

More, please, Mistuh Kurtz!

Splash, out


ASIDE: Originally, I planned to write a post, basically saying let he who is without the first sin cast the first stone here. Lara is human, as is her paramour. I congratulate her on her pregnancy, and I propose that slack should be cut for her.

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My goodness she is lovely isn't she?
Congrats to her about the baby, and i agree... she's only human, they should give her a break. Quite frankly i think the news should concentrate on real, more important issues and keep out of people's personal lives, especially the negative components...
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