Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Citizen Soldier 
So I went and saw Mongol the other night. First movie in a theater I've seen since 300 came out.

I might write about Mongol later (I liked it) but what I was really impressed by was this trailer.

Apparently, I'm the last idiot on the planet to have seen it, but I thought it was fantastic!

At last, an ad agency that understands us! I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail... noting that the 29th Division, a Guard division, was at Normandy (though by 1944 it would have contained few actual Guardsmen).

It works much better on the big screen. So sit up close.

Splash, out


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Blocked at work. What is it?
It is a Three Doors Down music video exulting US soldiers (presumably Reservists).

IIRC, they had a song called "Superman" back when I was a wee one
Not reservists. Guardsmen.

It's actually a recruiting ad for the National Guard.
Roger on the recruiting ad for the "ARMY National Guard" - the first soldier displays the patch of the famed 45th Infantry Division, Oklahoma Army National Guard.
I saw that Thunderbird patch too....very cool....
I got to see this at the theater...awesome. Antoine Fuqua directed the video; at least that's what has been said on wikipedia:

Great video.
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