Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Agence France Press 
Photo and caption:

US soldiers secure the area at a newly installed check-point at the Babadag training facility in Tulcea, Iraq. A string of suicide attacks against Iraqi security forces killed at least 37 people on Tuesday, including 28 when two suicide bombers blew themselves up among a crowd of army recruits, security officials said. (AFP/Daniel Mihailescu).

The blank adapters and MILES transmitters are a nice touch, no?

Via Hot Air.

Splash, out


Time warp to a few years ago: anyone else remember that granny in Sadr City holding up a cartridge - saying "this is what hit the side of my bed frame?"
Didn't you know? The War on Terror has actually been the mother of all battle drills.
Great. Victory in Iraq will just boil down to "A strong 'P' on the ARTEP evaluation.
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