Monday, June 16, 2008

The Spirit of the Internet 
By way of defending the Associated Press's dumbass decision to threaten to sue the Drudge Retort over their excerpting of AP material, AP Vice President and Strategy Director spoke to the New York Times:

Mr. Kennedy said that the organization has not withdrawn its request that Drudge Retort remove the seven items. And he said that he still believes that it is more appropriate for blogs to use short summaries of A.P. articles rather than direct quotations, even short ones.

“Cutting and pasting a lot of content into a blog is not what we want to see,” he said. “It is more consistent with the spirit of the Internet to link to content so people can read the whole thing in context.”

Short summaries? What planet is this dork living on?

Bloggers have always quoted, not "summarized."


And he wants to expound on the "spirit of the Internet?"

Spare me.

Splash, out


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