Thursday, June 26, 2008

David Ehrenstein Calls for Murder of Justice Scalia 
Here's David Ehrenstein, Hollywood writer and well-known libtard half-wit, commenting in Crooks & Liars:

"If fat Tony Scalia comes anywhere near your home, shoot the motherfucker."

You stay classy, David.

Splash, out


UPDATE: Ehrenstein's comment has been swept under the rug by Crooks and Liars. But Confederate Yankee has a screencap.

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Can't see Dave's comment in the fray. Oh well.

Now, I'm not a big timer when it comes to US 2nd Amendment politics, but help me out and climb aboard the slow man's train of logic (if you haven't already).

If concealed carry should be illegal, isn't Ehrenstein's rather fiery commandment the definition of an empty threat?
Only for those who comply with the law -- a subset that grows smaller and smaller the more restrictive those laws are.
Sure - I guess I'm just easily amused by the irony here, which Ehrenstein may be too stupid to notice. To protect the idea of gun control, he advocates using firearms to kill people against gun control.
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