Sunday, June 15, 2008

So another mewling little runt decided he's too good to serve out his military obligation, which will of course result in another better man (or woman) than he is going in his place.

I would like to draw attention to the lies the left have filled this bitch's head with, though. He's regurgitating everything that you'd hear from the undereducated mocha sniffers at cafes all over the Pacific Northwest and warmed over 60s retreads who understand nothing. It's just lie after lie:

The war, having been authorized by Congress, is illegal and unconstitutional.
The IRR is a backdoor draft...
He's giving voice to the warriors of this country by deserting his comrades.

All that recycled shit that libtards tell each other in their own mutual admiration society but that falls apart upon a moment's consideration.

So when this easily led little turd winds up rotting in prison and loses all kinds of veterans benefits as a result of believing this anti-intellectual crap, the libtards who poisoned his brain should know they bear a lot of responsibility for ruining his life. That goes for his halfwit rocket-scientist father, too.

By their fruits ye shall know them.

Splash, out

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I'm a 4th generation Oregonian on one side and a fifth on the other. It used to be a place with pretty sturdy and self-reliant people.

In the last 15 years every suburb in the country has donated its techno-dweeb to our region. It's a feminized world here these days.

Generally these people have read only either or both Chomsky and Zinn, uncritically. See the crowd in that monster movie Cloverdale and you've got the glam version of these self-obsessed and rightous kid/adults.

They loath and mock rural people and when they move into rural communities or small towns they are very active and anti-Republican or conservative.

Astoria's newspaper is headed by a Brit surrender monkey and on and on.

Portland expressed a very collective sigh of joy at the recent Supreme Court decision giving terrorists and the Gitmo creatures extensive civil rights.
They no nothing of American history or the American struggle. My people were mill and logging folk - they are regarded as SS troops of old by these current Oregonians.

It is difficult to exaggerate the condition of things out here. When you see couples in Portland they are more or less the same height, wear those small rectangular glasses, love Obama, fear crime & blacks (or physical violence). hate cops, and etc.
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