Sunday, June 08, 2008

Anti-Semitism on Barack Obama's Official Web site 
And not the kind that only hypersensitive people detect, but vile, rank Jew-baiting of the worst kind.

And...following a link to which the Obama site linked:

Kiss Florida goodbye, Senator.

The Obama minions have since airbrushed the link. And rather than put a post up condemning the original language, they just vanished it, like the little cryptofascists they are. But you can see the cached version of one of the blog posts here:

Illinois libtards. I hate Illinois libtards.

Splash, out


UPDATE: Edited for clarity

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I don't know Jason, the link is different than the capture you posted. Which is the real one?
jason - not that I'm giving you a writing assignment, but I'm desperately looking for reasons why I should be *for* McCain rather than simply *against* Obama.

'Cuz when I plead with my swing-voter friends 'n' family, I want to articulate a choice, not come across just an Obamahater.

Any thoughts?
Cause Obama will surrender Iraq to the Islamofascists and McCain won't.

There. That's easy enough.
There's no real reason to be "for" McCain if you're dead set against Obama. The choice is obvious.
If only I had a shitbox Dodge.....
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