Sunday, May 11, 2008

You gotta be kidding me! 
The Navy is wasting bandwidth on investigating a consensual affair from 18 years ago?

If that's the threshold for removal from service, we won't have a Navy much longer.

Look, I grok that our flag officers need to have personal integrity. And I grok that an affair is blackmailable, and so the guy made himself vulnerable to a foreign recruiter. The Russkies are famous for using beautiful women to get to US servicemen.

But 18 years ago? And it's remained in investigation that long?

And CNN: Look at the bandwidth you gave to the story. You even published the report. Slow news day or something?

Either there's way more than meets the eye, or we need to transfer some Navy staff officers to flesh out some Army units. The Navy obviously doesn't have enough productive to do.

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Yeah, more than meets the eye here. I don't know much but the issue seems to center around not so much the affair but the IG around it.
Okay, this makes less sense. Belay my last. Something definitely odd going on here.
I find it interesting that they got a letter about it with no details in 1999 and did not follow up the case. Then after the admiral was on television they get another letter with details.

What this sounds like to me is that Hell hath no fury live a virago getting even because someone hurt her wittle feelings.

When they make the movie they might consider Glenn Close for the Jane Doe role. She has played that role before in a Michael Douglas movie.
This week's Navy Times cover story. NT frames it as a "he's been hiding this well for a long time" instead of "nutball girlfriend".

Which might better explain why 18 years--means there's apparently some false official statement stuff that's recent.

But I still don't know anything about the whole picture.
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