Sunday, May 18, 2008

Seattle Times: "What Hitler was demanding was not unreasonable." 
I shit you not.

By way of defending Obama. Of course.

They will excuse ANYTHING if it will accrue to the benefit of a libtard.


Splash, out



As a long-time reader of Bruce Ramsey, I'm scratching my head. He was formerly the best reporter the Seattle P-I (mindlessly left paper) ever had, and believe it or not was a beacon of sanity from its pages.

His reporting on the WTO riots in Seattle was superb, and illuminated the fascist lefties very clearly by wading among them and describing the warts of their 'protest' - while his paper and the Seattle City Government cooed and allowed their Hezbollah-like tactics to succeed.

In a letter to a smaller paper, he took to task another writer who was fawning over some old Bolshevik leader, perhaps Trotsky, for having had good intentions or some such 'virtue'. Ramsey made clear that said writer could not have done the same in favor of Hitler, whose human slaughters could not come close to those of the Bolsheviks.

He's now an editorial writer at the Seattle Times (10% less mindless left paper). Why he plays 'statesman' and justifies Hitler's old territorial demands (to corral all German-speakers in one big nation, at the expense of its neighbors), I don't know. He wouldn't do that with Kurdish or Greek or Yiddish or Cherokee speakers of the 1930s - why German? Bigger thug at the helm? Or more persuasive thug - remember that Hitler to the Germans was the Obama of his day.
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