Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Attempted Citizen's Arrest of John Bolton 
So some dimwit attempted to commit battery on the person of former United States Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton today.

It turns out that that dimwit is a columnist at the Guardian.

It further turns out that he's been a CounterColumn object of derision before, in 2005, when he tried to argue that the use of White Phosphorus munitions in Fallujah constituted chemical warfare.

Here's what I wrote about him then:

To try to draw a moral equivalence between Saddam and Chemical Ali on the one hand, and an allied forward observer under fire on the other, is simply outrageous. Especially when Monbiot's arguments collapse so quickly in light of the facts.

Monbiot does not know warfare, he does not know fire support, he does not know doctrine. He is wholly ignorant of the subject matter about which he speaks. It's not as if the opinion of informed observers is even divided. EVERY participant I've seen in this debate who has more than a rudimentary knowledge of fire support doctrine has weighed in against the idea of WP being a chemical weapon. Without exception.

Unlike most debates, this is a debate with all the informed on one side, and all the clueless jack brains on the other. Inexplicably, Monbiot and the Guardian choose to ally themselves with the clueless jackbrains.

He only makes a fool of himself.

I'll give him credit for consistency: He was an idiot then and he's an idiot now.

I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to see the 'Stache level his ass out.

Splash, out


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