Thursday, May 15, 2008

Apparently ... 
...we're NOT at war with Al Qaeda in Iraq.

Gary Hart: "If John McCain seriously believes we are at war with al Qaeda in Iraq, that alone is such a serious error in judgment as to rank him with George W. Bush at his worst and therefore disqualify him from any chance to govern this country."

I suspect Mr. Hart's viewpoint is news to Al Qaeda in Iraq. Apparently, David Bellavia imagined the whole thing.

Oh. Hart compares neoconservatives to Nazis for good measure.

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Compare and contrast:

John McCain vs. John Kerry.

President Bush vs. Barack Obama.

SSG Bellavia and his men (studs and warriors) vs. Gary Hart.

To give the devil his due, I'm a HUGE fan of Gary Hart's excellent book, The Minutemen, which is a history of the Army and its longstanding relationship with this great republic.

It ought to be a must read in Army commissioning programs, and I think elevates Hart as one of the more thoughtful military thinkers out there.

But that was before 2001. 9/11 made lying, sniveling retards out of almost the whole Democrat party.
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