Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Today's Incompetent Media Laugh Line ... 
...comes via Dean Esmay, commenting on Kevin Drum's headscratcher:

The New York Times reports that Muqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army has mostly melted away in Basra. Nobody quite knows why

I'll leave the richly-deserved bitch-slapping to Esmay:

Nobody knows why?? Let me hazard a guess, Kevin: it may have something to do with the thousands of Iraqi Army troops flooding the city with tanks, helicopters and armored vehicles, not to mention the accompanying U.S. forward air controllers calling down death from above. Just an idea.

It gets better. Read the whole thing.

Via Ace.

Is total drooling stupidity a prerequisite for being a leftard? Or do they simply offer bonus points for moronitude?

Splash, out


UPDATE: Don't miss this: Drum, who just tried to argue that Sadr isn't backed by Iran, is disinclined to criticize Iran, a mortal enemy of humanity, liberty and reason, and who is a known state sponsor of hundreds of lethal terror attacks against civilians, on the off chance that such criticism might help Bush.

He flat out says so, the scumsucking weasel.

I guess that's the kind of intellectual honesty it takes to make it at the Washington Monthly, these days.

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I think that the baton has been passed, till now Jeffrey from New York, of IBC fame was the snarkyest blogger on the Iraq circuit. But now I think Jason has taken the lead.

Give'em hell Jason
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