Tuesday, April 01, 2008

New York Times Hires Baathist Captain To Report News 
The good news is the New York Times finally got some military experience for its Iraq bureau.

The bad news is he's a former officer - a captain - in Saddam Hussein's bloodthirsty army.

You just can't make shit like that up if you tried.

I just dropped a note to the Times' public editor, and to another editor, Bill Borders. Specifically, I asked them how many former Saddam officers they have reporting the news for them in Iraq? I also specifically asked how many former US military they had reporting for them from Iraq.

I'll post their response when I see it.

If they ignore it, I'll post that, too.

Splash, out


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What, no answer, yet? I'm shocked.

Solution to Iraq – U.S. Military acquires one large building to hold a conference. U.S. military enforces a 5 by 5 city-block perimeter around this building to ensure the safety of all conference participants.

Conference participants are locally “elected” throughout Iraq. Each neighborhood elects one participant via town hall meetings. No ballot voting shall be used in this process. These meetings shall be small-scale and open forum in nature, occurring in each neighborhood of every city throughout Iraq. Current elected officials are welcome to lobby for a nomination through their respective neighborhoods. Participants must live in the neighborhood they are nominated from. Each participant is allowed a 2 working staff escort. Participants may be male or female, and of good health.

Participants of the conference shall create a living document that immediately declares Iraqi ownership of all Iraqi oil. This document must satisfy all Iraqi ownership of oil.
All oil within the borders of the sovereign Iraqi nation will immediately belong to Iraqi citizens and any Iraqi citizen will become an immediate shareholder in the Iraqi Oil reserve. The Oil reserve will consist of both refined and unrefined oil deposits. The conference members must achieve a workable consensus and create the document.
The document must be written by hand. All participants will then sign this document in front of U.N. Security Council witnesses.

This proposal is then offered to the United States Head of State via live telecast. The United States can then accept or reject the proposal.

Conference participants are elected in the summer of 2008. Once all participants are registered the conference shall begin no later than October 28, 2008. The conference, once commenced, shall last no longer than 13 days. Upon entry of the conference building all participants will be protected by the U.S. Military and no personnel will be allowed to either leave or enter the grounds of the conference perimeter whatsoever.
Food and any necessary medical supplies will be provided by the United States military and any interested foundations. All living supplies of this nature are supplied once. The supplies must be more than adequate to feed and sustain the well-being of all participates for 13 days. Each participant and his or her staff member is given a package which includes all the necessities they will need for the duration of the conference. Participants are welcome to bring their own food. Microwaves will be available for cooking. All items however are subject to Military screening before being permitted into the conference perimeter.

Local and International press will be allowed to attend the meeting’s conclusion, when the document will be formally released and offered in a televised reading. The reader will be elected within the conference by the participants. The reading of the document aloud marks the official adjournment of the conference.
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