Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Libtard on the loose 
One of Megan McArdle's commenters writes:

I think a lot of folks who join the military (not to mention police officers and prison guards) have authoritarian or sadistic tendencies which in turn increase the probability of war crimes being committed, especially given the stress of being under fire, in a strange land, among hostile locals.
What would you expect from people who sign up for a job where you maim and kill people you don't even know, just because someone else told you to do it?
(sorry if I offend anyone; I know a few of you just signed up for the tuition support or needed the money and got more than you bargained for)

Aside from being a bigoted numbnut on a level that Senator Strom Thurmond could only dream of (the only difference being the target of his prejudice), this statement is also asinine on top of that: The supposed "authoritarian or sadistic tendencies" increase the probability of war crimes being committed over what? An Army comprising nonmilitary types? How stupid is this guy?

Second, as far as I'm concerned, this twit can take that half-assed, condescending apology at the end, and shove it up his ass.

This pink-pantied bigot probably never met a warrior in his pathetic, sheltered, life. If he did, he didn't know it.

But... but... but... they support the troops!

Splash, out


The libtard commenter confirms my suspicions! Scroll down for this hilarious confession:

It's also true that I don't know very many folks in the military, save for my late grandfather who was in the Navy back in World War II. He never talked about it much, but I know that it left its interminable mark on him (I always would come across guns and knives hidden around my grandparents house in the strangest places as a kid). My grandfather nonwithstanding, I don't think military folks and I really see eye to eye, so I keep my distance.

Yeah, you best do that, you pathetic little weasel.

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Thanks for the tip. Here's the coment I left:

Thank you to this sector of the political spectrum for finally being honest about your dislike of the military! I always thought your aloof sympathy in the comments "Bring Our Troops Home!" was a little disingenious in the "support" realm, and military affairs were only discussed when politically adavantageous (e.g. "The Bush administration can't even provide healthcare for people with PTSD!"...as if some of you people even care).

Very Respectfully,

LT Nixon, some "boy" on the corner with a "big gun".

I don't think everyone on the left is like that, but it seems to be a prevalent school of thought.
Did they let you keep your riding crop and shiny black boots when you joined up, you closet sadist?

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