Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Comment of the day 
Today's comment of the day comes from "brooksfoe," a regular commenter at Megan McArdle's blog:

Steenwyk, why do you use the word "warrior"? It is anachronistic and not a good fit with the tasks or responsibilities of most US military personnel. It also sounds somewhat childish.

You can find my response there.

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Wow. I must admit that I find the bulk of your blog repetitious, often to the point of becoming tiresome (but, then again, to call what you're responding to repetitious and tiresome would be an inexcuseable understatement). Nevertheless, I do periodically check in, and it is for exactly this sort of thing that I do so.

"We CLEP'd out of your class" is the sort of rejoinder that deserves to live through the ages. Unfortunately, that guy probably doesn't even begin to apreciate how badly he was stomped on.

Regards always.
That idiot who thinks that "A Few Good Men" was a sympathetic, respectful, and accurate portrayal of military life... sheesh, the mind boggles.

But I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that liberals don't see any problems with the way Hollywood liberals portray the military.
Stay engaged, Jason. Most would get frustrated and tire of hitting upon iron, but I applaud you for staying in the debate.

I sometimes wonder if you are a modern day Craig Lowell from the Brotherhood of War series? You always seem to think way ahead of most situations, while others wonder what just happened?!
Thanks for that, Jason. My father joined the Navy in '44 as a pharmacists mate. He served until '46 in Pensacola, Florida. Light duty? A few years ago at a family gathering he started swapping stories with a friend of mine, an emergency room tech. I consider myself to be a pretty tough guy, but I had to leave the room. My dad was working 20 hour days for weeks on end when ships of wounded came in. He is a warrior too, for he knows what the sacrifice is and why it is made.
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