Thursday, April 24, 2008

Called Back to Active Duty!!!! 
Well, for the next couple of weeks anyway.

Slim to no blogging until the 10th of May.

Thanks for checking in, and I'll see you after Annual Training, 08!!!! (Woohoo!!!!)


What does that mean Jason, Have you been stop Loss'd, or just training or what, are you going to deploy back to Iraq or Afghanistan?
I've been called to active duty for a couple of weeks. Don't think it means anything.

It means I'm on active duty for a couple of weeks.

I know liberals get a hard on when someone gets stoplossed. Stand easy.

It's annual training, 08, just like I said. (Woohoo!)
Well if you do get redeployed, try to get sent back to Iraq, that war is most likely over. Afghanistan, that's a different story.
I also meant to say, if you get sent to Afghanistan, please blog. The roaring silence coming out of that place in deafening.
The roaring silence coming out of that place in deafening.

Maybe they're just a tad busy doing stuff. Just sayin'.

You might want to check out Badger Jake's blog. He has/is about to ship out to the 'stan, and recently completed sniper school.
Thank you much for the link, I am always on the look out. And all are appreciated
Jason I was wondering if you have seen this story:

Should cadet's NFL status keep him out of Iraq?

And what you think?
I think he belongs where he can do the Army the most good. There's precendence for that already.

Ronald Reagan was in the Army Air Corps and was tasked to make movies.

My uncle got a commission in the U.S. Army through ROTC and got two PhDs, I think in Economics and Finance. Rather than go be a PL in Viet Nam, because of his background and education, he was assigned as an aide and advisor to General Bunker.

The policy wasn't created especially for him. The Army saw a need for it, I guess.

In this case, though, I think he should do a tour like everyone else. And THEN go NFL and recruit. He'd be a better story for the Army and he'd sleep better at night.

Plus, the Army should be an organization where EVERYONE goes downrange. There's nothing sadder than seeing a major without a combat patch. He's taking up a slot others are busting their asses for.
So are you back yet... eagerly waiting. :)
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