Sunday, April 06, 2008

But watch:

The Huffington post uses the tragic suicide by gunshot of a young female interrogator in Iraq to score points against US soldiers - without a single, solitary shred of evidence - even of the most circumstantial kind - to tie her death to abuse of prisoners in Iraq.

There are no limits to their intellectual dishonesty.

The kicker: This isn't some random idealogue with a Huffington soapbox. The author is Greg Mitchell, editor of Editor and Publisher magazine, long a member of the Surrender-at-any-cost brigade. And he's written a book.

If this is the kind of evidence he needs to draw a conclusion in print, then thank God he's not editing a newspaper.

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Lets say your right Jason, and all this is misguided hype with propaganda as an agenda.

But the real crime I see here is in this:

"The official Army investigation notes that all papers relating to the interrogations have been destroyed."

Freedom can only be defended with transparency, once you pull down the curtains, you not only open yourself to a self inflicted wound, you fight the enemy's fight for him.
Totally separate issue.

I was focusing on Mitchell's attempt to tie the interrogations to the soldier's suicide as causative - despite zero (ZERO!) evidence that this is so.

This is wholly a fabrication on Mitchell's part.

I'm agnostic on whether the Army should or should not have destroyed any documents relating to the interrogation in question. Depends what the records were. There are certain records that are NOT kept, by regulation - which have to do with military and international law.

I'd need to know a lot more - and from a source a lot more trustworthy than Mitchell - to draw a conclusion one way or another on whether any records were destroyed improperly.
Oh, and I don't buy your premise that freedom can only be defended with transparency. Churchill wasn't very 'transparent' with his knowledge that the Brits had cracked the Nazi codes.

Freedom is defended a lot of ways. Sometimes you are transparent, and sometimes not.

There's a war on, remember?
After reading of this soldier's death I googled to find an explanation for it that wasn't activist rhetoric.

Does anyone know or is there a source
with responsible (fact-based) speculation about her motivation for suicide?

"that the Brits had cracked the Nazi codes."

That was secrecy, for the duration of hostilitites.
Compleatly diffrenent than the destruction of records.

I'll grant you that we don't know that it happend in this case, but we do know that it did happen in another case.

"There's a war on, remember?"

That is no excuse for robbing history of the facts. It can only serve to cover up a crime in the short term, while sacrificing the long term gains of lessons learned.
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