Sunday, March 30, 2008

No, I haven't seen it.

And no, I don't plan on having a bunch of Hollywood imbiciles insult my intelligence by putting together such a piece of unadulterated shit.

Look at this pic:

Yeah, these dipwads sure took time to do their research and understand the military alright.

They can't even get uniforms right.

If I ran into one of them I'd bitchslap them on the spot. If I were a film actor, I'd make damn sure I was wearing the uniform correctly.

Yes, that's the regard Hollywood has for soldiers and the uniform. To Hell with them.

Libertas (where I copped the pic) has the stomach for a full review.

Splash, out


UPDATE: The New York Times review is at once overwrought and unintentionally hilarious

They treat us to a number of laugh lines, including "Fellow Texan Steve Earle, the Toby Keith of the Left."

(Dude. I've met Steve Earle. Steve Earle's brother in law is a friend of mine. Toby Keith is no Steve Earle.)

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Say anything more about Steve Earle?

I enjoy his music and his Civil War ballad about fighting with the Texas Infantry is the best anti-war song I've ever heard.

However, I find his vehement liberal point of view pretty much mainstream celebrity rubbish.
Yeah, but I don't care. He's about the best songwriter alive.

If you have a chance, see his sister, Stacey Earle, and her husband Mark Stuart on tour. They're on the folk circuit. Mark's an old pickin' buddy from my Tennessee days, and about the best guitar player I've ever known.
Okay, I'll bite. What's wrong with the uniform? I'm not a military guy so all I see is a slightly slovenly appearance (bad enough). Also, aren't the collars supposted to be buttoned?

I'm curious what specifically isn't right about it.

SD Craig
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