Monday, March 31, 2008

SSG Maupin 
Coming home at last.

Leave no one behind.

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Believe SSG Maupin had an Oregon connection. I am glad that he is long dead in that I often thought he could be alive and tormented for all these years by his captors.

It wasn't until a year or more after their remains had been recovered that I read that two of our men had been taken alive and met with hideous deaths. I cannot understand the silence about the way our men are treated when taken by our enemies.

May SST Maupin and his family know peace and our gratitude.
My respects to SSG Maupin and his family. But, demonstrating once again the lack of basic military knowledge in the media, a "3-star general visited...", later in the story ID'd as Major General Huntoon. I got out of the USAF 18 years ago, after only serving four, and this jumped out at me. As Jason is always asking, couldn't this paper find a veteran to help edit and educate.
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