Monday, March 24, 2008

The Foggy Dew 
Those of you who know me well, or have been readers of this blog for a while, know that I am an enthusiastic - ok, obsessive - practitioner of Irish traditional music, mostly on fiddle and guitar.

Last night was a particularly rare treat...I had the opportunity to share a few sets with Mr. Sean Keane, most well known for his work with The Chieftains over the last nearly 40 years.


Also present, Jeff, a close friend and Bodhran player who may wish to remain anonymous to further identification with me (lest his radical leftist employee desert him for it!) and Paraic Keane, Sean's son, a friend, and an amazing musician himself.

Wish I had it on tape. We were playing major league, Hall of Fame level ball for one of the best 40 minutes of my life.

I meant to post this on Easter, but didn't get to it... (little did I know I'd be playing with one of the players on this very video on Easter Sunday!) but here are the Chieftains, with a wonderful vocal appearance by Sinead O'Connor: The Foggy Dew.

If you have a favorite Chieftains musical moment, please post it in the comments.

Splash, out



I have the CD, and this song always raises major goosebumps.

Thanks for the video.

Rest in Peace, Derek Bell.
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