Sunday, March 30, 2008

In a breathtaking, orgasmic spasm of frustrated intellectual puppyhood, Professor Jay Rosen has dubbed me "troll" and banished me from the PressThink blog.

Scroll down for the comments leading up to the banishment.

Jay had specifically criticized McCain for suggesting the Iran-Al Qaeda connection. I came to McCain's defense, and attacked the notion that Shia and Sunni never worked together, number one, and number two, Iran and Al Qaeda's relationship has been well documented, by the 9/11 commission for example, and Iran has also provided material support to Sunni extremists already.

On this there is no real doubt. We have the smoking guns.

In banishing me, Rosen pretty much validates my entire thesis concerning him, but also his tribe of leftard journo sychophants:

They are a cloistered set of intellectual inbreds with no clue what they don't know.

Splash, out


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The gospel according to Rosen. There are none so blind as will not see. They just won't see because it ruins their message.

That is why I read you every day and not them.
Ah, just another service we. the editorial staff of Countercolumn provide. :)

Thank you for reading every day!
are we starting a pool on how long it takes Rosen to come here and insult you? cause I've noticed he does that, but it usually takes a couple days.
I don't recall Rosen coming here, ever.

I get too much traffic for him. He's probably intimidated, because I actually have more readers than commenters.
oh, sorry, I was thinking of this

In that exchange, Rosen was right. Ric Locke was wrong. Rosen has never, to my knowledge, argued that reporters have any kind of unique body of expertise unique to the guild. And when pressed, he is sympathetic to my argument that journalists today have a huge deficit of reporting knowledge when it comes to the military, specifically.

My criticism is that when you press to the point where these ideas mean something, he shuts down, sticks his fingers in his ears, and shouts "LA LA LA LA LA CULTURE WAR!!!!"

So when push comes to shove, he's just fine with crappy reporting.

My second criticism is that he's so in love with his own ideas, and those of a certain KIND of writer, that he gets hung up on their conclusions, and cannot deal in facts. He draws broad conclusions from other peoples' assertions, and when you bring up a fact that falsifies their assertions, and therefore his premises, he shuts down.

This is what I refer to as "? + ? + ? = !"

Questionable or unfounded assertion after questionable or unfounded assertion leads him to some broad, sweeping conclusion.

By banning me, he ensures a steady diet of question marks, and not a single "!" to disturb his comfort zone.
ja, Ric occasionally makes mistakes. I just thought it was funny Rosen showed up. hadn't ever seen him there before, and was only familiar with him through your stuff.
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