Sunday, March 23, 2008

Anti-War Protesters Throw Fake Blood At Easter Worshippers At Catholic Church in Chicago 
Gateway Pundit has the story, with pics.

Meanwhile, Countercolumn's cameras were there:

Me, I would have caught the nearest one and reenacted Good Friday with the sorry-assed bastard, and felt quite justified in the act, having first been assaulted with what I would have had to assume to have been actual blood.

Actually, if I could have gotten my hands on one of these scuzzhumpers, there would have been blood shed.

Splash, out



Easter Sunday at Mass I was checking the entrances and exits and looking for allies to back me up in case I had to move fast. Why do we have to be looking over our shoulders in church?

Well, after they are convicted of their felonies they can't vote legally anymore, as if that will stop them.
The bums were such kids in attitude and in action. A move these ginks make is to give their outfits cute names. This makes whatever actions that are taken against them seem not only humorless, but also over-reactive.

Here in Portland we have the Seriously Pissed off Grannies and these juveniles called themselves Catholic Schoolgirls or something. Hateful vandalism masquerading as a high good humored jokesters.

On a recent video the New York Times reporter asked of McCain, in juvenile passive-aggressive style and voice, "Why are you so angry?"
I was taken aback by the freshman in college level of her whole presentation - Somehow I expected the Times people to be complicated and serious adult figures, not kids asking like kids.
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