Friday, February 01, 2008

NFL Cracks down on church Superbowl parties 
I think churches should organize boycotts of Superbowl advertisers until the NFL pulls their heads out of their asses.

For years, as many as 200 members of Immanuel Bible Church and their friends have gathered in the church's fellowship hall to watch the Super Bowl on its six-foot screen. The party featured hard hitting on the TV, plenty of food -- and prayer.

But this year, Immanuel's Super Bowl party is no more. After a crackdown by the National Football League on big-screen Super Bowl gatherings by churches, the Springfield church has sacked its event. Instead, church members will host parties in their homes.

If that wasn't dumb enough for you, there's more:

Large Super Bowl gatherings around big-screen sets outside of homes shrink TV ratings and can affect advertising revenue, McCarthy said. "We have no objection to churches and others hosting Super Bowl parties as long as they . . . show the game on a television of the type commonly used at home," he said. "It is a matter of copyright law."

Horse hockey. Large groups of 400 people gathering to watch the game do NOT lower TV ratings, for any intelligent advertiser. These church parties turn what would be 1 or 2 people watching the game in any family to a whole-family event. These church parties INCREASE the number of people watching the game. They don't decrease it. And they increase it for the same reasons that exempting sports bars increases the viewership. The NFL should get out of its own way, and stop hiring retards. If I were an advertiser in the Superbowl, I'd be telling the NFL spokesperson to take a long walk off a short pier.

The ONLY argument I can think of is a weak one: Sports bars may pay a licensing fee to air NFL games in their work place. But since sports bars don't generally let large groups of minors in to watch the game, I doubt you can claim that the churches would be unfair competitors.

If I were the NFL, I'd strike deals with the larger churches to authorize the sale of NFL paraphernalia on church grounds, and share the revenue with the churches as a fundraising vehicle.

Where we get such bonebrains I don't know.

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Where we get such bonebrains I don't know.

Business schools?
Like I've always, said, the 'N' in NFL stands for Nazi. If they had their way, you'd have to pay them royalties for for just saying the name of your favorite NFL team.
Seems to me a corporation gets to do anything it wants with its product. Stupid, maybe, but totally up to the NFL.
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