Saturday, February 02, 2008

Paul Kedrosky has loads of intelligent analysis here. The money quote, which I think is spot-on: "Google is dominating a tipping market."

It's interesting. Yahoo has got to feel torn between two lovers. I do think that Yahoo's service would be vastly improved by outsourcing search functions to Google's vastly superior search engine. But Google is trying to build up its own communities as well, and may not wish to give Yahoo a boost without being well compensated.

On the other hand, as we move into an era of streaming high-def media content on demand, Microsoft's media server has a definite head start... and a large online community of its own.

Yahoo has got to be feeling the pinch, and will break one way or another though, because absent a deal, they're about to get DUSTED by Facebook and other evolving social media sites. Yahoo 360 just didn't seem to get traction.

UPDATE: I like Lee Distad's analogy: "Tying two pigeons together to create an eagle."

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