Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Light blogging recently ... 
Meh. So it turns out I have a life. Who knew?

I mean, quite aside from the bloggy, obsessive-compulsive blur that was 2004-2005.

I should have deployed this year. I hate election years. The whole country has lost, like, 15 IQ points across the board, and that happens every election year.

And Democrats are stabbing each other now, over their political differences?

I always knew those dorks were stupid and crazy. But I didn't think they were so stupid and crazy that any of them could think that their candidate was worth getting emotional over.

I guess there's no end to their neurosis, huh?

Splash, out


Jason, being deployed is the BEST F'ing thing about this election year so far. I can successfully selectively ignore the BS.


I still check Countercolumn every day, even when you're "light blogging" because when you *do* say something, it's usually worth reading.

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